SNOW DAY: Attention LEAD Charter School will be closed on Wednesday, March 7th 2018 BOARD MEETING:The Lead Charter School Board of Trustees will hold a special board meeting on Monday, November 6, 2017, at 4:30 PM at 201 Bergen Street, Newark New Jersey. 07103. Items regarding amendments to the LEAD Charter application will be discussed. Action may be taken.UPDATE CENTER:WELCOME STUDENTS & PARENTS

Our Mission

Our innovative model reengages young people via active participation in rigorous and relevant content and standards-driven, competency-based instruction aligned with emerging market demands.

Our Vision

LEAD Charter School is the most innovative, supportive and successful high school in Newark. It is designed to look, feel and operate radically differently from traditional high schools.

Our Philosophy

The LEAD philosophy is grounded in our partner agency Youth Build Newark’s (YBN) twelve years of experience in improving educational outcomes for off-track youth.

Our Model

The LEAD model is guided by the following principles:

  • An integrated combination of academic, nonacademic and community supports are imperative to OA/UC student success
  • Content and instruction must be rigorous and personalized to accelerate learning
  • High quality teachers and student services staff are essential to OA/UC student achievement
  • OA/UC students must be active drivers of their own learning
  • OA/UC students must be able to make connections between classroom instruction and real-world applications
  • OA/UC students must be afforded constant opportunities for leadership development.

Our Approach

Our approach to learning involves three primary components:

  1. A rigorous education program comprised of cross-curricular content that builds upon student assets, addresses their deficits, and accelerates learning. Knowledge gained in the classroom is supported by real-world applications via career and technical education (CTE), internships/apprenticeships, community service, and opportunities for leadership development.
  2. An approach to student supports based on effective case management practices and designed to empower students to solve their life challenges and emergent circumstances.
  3. A school culture that promotes a safe and nurturing learning environment, and recognizes student and staff success is grounded in the development and maintenance of within/cross-group relationships.


Families may apply to LEAD Charter School in two ways:

Completing an online application by clicking the link below.

– or –

Families can visit either the Re-Engagement Center at 201 Bergen Street or Youth Build Newark at 571 Central Avenue to complete a paper application.


Learn more in person

You can visit LEAD in-person at 201 Bergen Street, Monday – Friday between 9AM and 3PM to learn more about the exciting new programs that are available! Please email or call  862-772-1724 to reserve a time. Also, follow our Facebook page here

Have questions about enrolling at LEAD Charter School?Visit our Enrollment FAQ page.



Lead Charter School is currently looking for highly effective teachers of all core academic contents, social workers and advocate counselors. For full position details and to apply, click on the link below:


201 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ

For inquiries about LEAD Charter School, please email 
or call

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